Zaprudnya St. 1, 156003 Kostroma, Russian Federation

+7 (4942) 550-963

Construction and repairs

of cargo fleet, large cargo barges, pusher tugs, oil tankers of river-sea navigation

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Oil barge

Designed for carrying of petroleum products.

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Pusher tug

Designed for towing and pushing barges with cargo carrying capacity of 5,000 to 8000 t carrying all types of petroleum products

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Pusher tug and barge train

The train consists of a pusher tug and a barge coupled by means of an articulated coupling system

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Oil tanker

Designed for carrying petroleum products and crude oil without vapours flash point limitations.

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About company

Kostroma Wharf is a modern enterprise with a long history, large experience and a proven record of accomplishment. We are involved in cooperation with leading ship design institutions and our partners are well known companies. Our team of professionals, innovative processes, high quality materials and competitive pricing make your business with us very promising and mutually advantageous. A shipyard in Kostroma was established in 1930 on the confluence of the rivers Kostroma and Volga. It was then named “Komsomolskaya Pravda Shipyard”. The hulls of the first non-self propelled watercrafts were laid in 1931. They were landing stages and 2,800 dwt barges. By 1980, the shipyard launched the production of depot ships for servicing passenger fleet and repair ships to provide maintenance for hydrofoil boats. In September 2001, Kostroma Shipyard was re-organized into an open joint stock company “Kostroma Shipbuilding and…

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Our advantages

Affordable construction costs

Attractive pricing for ships of river-sea navigation coupled with a high construction quality

Modern shipbuilding facilities

Completely renovated HULL ASSEMBLY AREA

Customised shipbuilding

Construction of ships to our own designs with customer adaptation or in strict compliance with customer design

85 year of shipbuilding experience

Kostroma Wharf is your reputable, reliable and longstanding partner

New shipbuilding facilities

New launching appliance

Construction of ships for various purposes

Sufficient production and process facilities to execute works of any complexity